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The Izzi & Nils Show

Oct 11, 2019

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Apart from sharing some ridiculous details about our amazing road trip, we talk about why it is important to shut off from digital every now and then, and how to do it.

The Izzi & Nils Show is a podcast for online marketing with a focus on conversion optimization / CRO and search...

May 14, 2019

#izzinilsshow @izzionfire @nilskattau

We discuss what we love and hate about education, the community, work-life-balance, security, and sustainability when working in the online marketing field. Also, we figure out Snapchat filters.

Shoutout to Christian Lipp (@SEMgalore for suggesting...

May 9, 2019

#izzinilsshow @izzionfire @nilskattau

In this special episode, Izzi and Joanna ( of DEPT ( answer community questions about SEO from an in-house and agency perspective.


Google Lighthouse:

Article about Chrome rendering...

Apr 21, 2019

#izzinilsshow @izzionfire @nilskattau

Nils shares the story of how and why he started working in CRO, how to figure out if conversion optimization would be the right job for you and if it makes sense to start today. Plus, you’ll get a lot of learning resources to increase your skills.



The Lean Startup...

Mar 13, 2019

#izzinilsshow @izzionfire @nilskattau

Izzi talks about how she started working in search engine optimization, if SEO is right for you and if becoming an SEO in 2019 makes sense. She tells you fundamental skills to learn first and shares personal advice on how to become an awesome SEO. Nils interrupts with childish...